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Effect of temperature change on filtration rate of river purification treatment equipment Date:2019-06-27

The effect of temperature changes on the filtration rate of river purification treatment equipment, as the country's requirements for sewage discharge become more stringent, more and more users are beginning to use sewage treatment equipment to treat their sewage to ensure that they reach the discharge. standard. However, sometimes the device will have a bad processing effect. So, what are these causes? Let's take a look at it together! The effect of temperature: the temperature should be controlled, the filtration temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the suspension is too high, and then affect the filtration speed of the sewage treatment equipment.
If the temperature is too high, the oil will be oxidized. Effect of water pH: The pH value of water has an effect on coagulation. The pH value of water affects the vividness of the catalyst and the results of the catalysis, and then affects the integrated sewage treatment equipment. The amount of coagulant used: There must be a degree, depending on the situation, because it is a chemical reaction, so in the process can refer to the previous data sheet.
Although it may delay some time, it is really very important. The effluent implementation standard is agreed upon. Many units have not specified the standard for sewage treatment when purchasing buried sewage treatment equipment. Under the premise of improving environmental protection requirements in the later period, disputes will result. Because of the different levels of treatment, sewage treatment costs can vary greatly. Compare, sign, and indicate the payment process before purchasing. More choices of several suppliers for reference, and then comprehensive analysis of the use of technology, success stories, prices and other factors. Sign the formal contract before paying the deposit, and agree on the delivery, commissioning and payment process.
In addition, the pressure is too large when operating the integrated sewage treatment equipment, because most of the impurities in the filtration have no compressive impurities, which will be added with the pressure, the empty space inside the filter cake becomes smaller, and then the filtration speed decreases; too much filter residue also affects The operation of the equipment, because the operation needs to stop for a period of time, severely affects the output value.

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