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What are the principles for the design of sewage treatment equipment? Date:2019-07-10

The problem of sewage discharge has become a major solution to the problem of modern society. The destruction of the environment has also had a great impact on people's mind and body. Therefore, it is imperative to solve the problem of environmental sewage discharge. What are the principles for the design of sewage treatment equipment? ?
1. Strictly implement various environmental protection regulations to ensure that the water discharge indicators meet local pollutant discharge standards;
2. Adopting the current mature and practical treatment process in China, and meeting the requirements of governance objectives in a stable and reliable manner;
3. Under the above premise and requirements, the investment is low and the operating cost is low;
4. The technical route is simple and clear, and the operation and management are convenient;
5. Depending on local conditions, build a sewage treatment station with beautiful appearance and coordination with surrounding buildings on the existing site.

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