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Pay attention to these problems when integrating automatic sewage treatment equipment Date:2019-07-19

Now the environment around us has been severely damaged. The garbage is everywhere, and the water resources have caused serious pollution. Therefore, many integrated automatic sewage treatment equipments have been introduced in some places, but some buyers have reported that the filtration effect is not very Well, this is because when you use it, you don't pay attention to some external factors and improper use. These are directly affecting the effects of sewage treatment, so what are the factors that affect the filtration effect of integrated sewage treatment equipment?
Temperature: When filtering, the temperature of the suspension is low, the viscosity is high, and the filtration speed is slow. The viscosity of a liquid is an exponential function of temperature, which decreases significantly with increasing temperature. Temperature rise is a simple and useful way to reduce viscosity, but if the temperature is too high, it will easily oxidize the oil, and the filtration temperature of the oil usually does not exceed 70 degrees. Operating pressure: Most of the impurities in the wool are non-compressible impurities, the operating pressure is strong, and the filtration rate is also large. If the solid matter suspended in the oil is composed of a colloidal substance, then the pressure increases, the empty space inside the filter cake becomes smaller, the filtration resistance gradually increases, and the filtration speed is agilely lowered, so the pressure is determined according to different conditions. Suspension concentration: The concentration is large, and the amount of filter residue is large, so that the useful filtration time in each operation cycle of the intermittent production is shortened accordingly, which affects the output value. As for the operation of the successive vacuum filter, the filter cake formed when the concentration is large is relatively uniform, and it is easy to organize in time, which has little effect on the output value.
All of the above will affect the effluent quality of the integrated automatic sewage treatment equipment, so you need to pay attention to these problems when using the integrated automatic sewage treatment equipment. In fact, improper operation of the equipment, daily maintenance is not in place will affect the use of equipment, thus affecting the quality of the effluent, so it is also important for the operation and maintenance of integrated automatic sewage treatment equipment.

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