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Solution to the problem of downtime in sewage treatment equipment Date:2019-07-24

As we all know, in the process of using sewage treatment equipment, there are sometimes some unexpected situations, such as the sudden shutdown of buried sewage treatment equipment. Here is a detailed explanation of the solution.
First, the sewage pump and dosing device should be manually shut down. If the system used is stopped, it is caused by power failure. Only the sewage treatment equipment host stops running. Considering the power supply problem, it can check whether the power supply line or the electronic control system of the sewage treatment equipment is short-circuited. The host hardware of the general sewage treatment equipment. It is not easy to damage.
Pay attention to the daily switching machine. Check whether the exposed cable of the equipment is damaged or aging before starting the machine. Once it is found, immediately notify the electrical engineer to deal with it to avoid the loss caused by sudden shutdown.
Therefore, the local buried sewage treatment equipment should be timely maintained after use, to avoid the above failures, and to extend its service life.

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