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What are the characteristics of choosing integrated sewage treatment equipment? Date:2019-08-01

The integrated sewage treatment equipment has its own characteristics, small footprint and easy integration. It not only has domestic sewage treatment, but also can be used for large-scale sewage treatment. As a core processing equipment, it is currently a good sewage treatment assistant, and the integrated sewage treatment equipment is cheap and cost-effective.
The integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts improved A/O + filtration technology, equipped with advanced intelligent control system, short installation period, short commissioning time, low investment and operation cost, and high processing efficiency.
The five advantages of integrated wastewater treatment equipment are as follows:
1. Centralized and rational use of various water treatment processes, development of new sewage treatment processes, high removal efficiency.
2, scientific installation and commissioning, buried type, high space utilization, low operating and maintenance costs, investment savings.
3. The equipment does not have any odor during operation, and any noise has no effect on the surrounding natural environment. There is no secondary pollution.
4. The operation of the equipment is automatically controlled by the robot, and the management and monitoring of the APP is very simple. The size, model and specifications are complete and the design is convenient.
5, the actual operating cost of sewage treatment is very small, because it will not run within 24 hours and the power consumption is reduced, which can reflect the customer's saving point of view as much as possible from the customer's point of view. The electricity is mainly from the submersible sewage pump in the biochemical battery, and no auxiliary chemicals are needed in the sewage treatment.
The current situation of rural sewage treatment in China has a low starting point, and the market potential is huge. The low starting point is mainly manifested in two aspects. First, sewage treatment efficiency is low. In recent years, the treatment rate of rural domestic sewage treatment equipment is low. In the built equipment, there is not much normal operation. According to relevant statistics, the normal operation of rural sewage treatment equipment built in China may be less, which means that the normal operation of rural sewage treatment equipment built in China may be less, and most processing equipment will be modified or postponed in the future.
On the other hand, the starting point is low. On the other hand, the environmental protection policy requirements, including the living environment of the rural population, are getting higher and higher, and the government's investment in the village sewage yard is increasing, which means that the domestic village sewage treatment has a huge market. Potential, rural sewage treatment is recognized by the industry as the blue ocean of the water industry.
At present, the target drainage standard for most domestic sewage treatment processes in urban areas is the main B emission standard, but in fact, even the primary B emission standards have not met all the targets. For example, CODcr and ammonia nitrogen can easily reach the standard, and total nitrogen and total phosphorus are usually not up to standard. This situation may exist in the market, based on low-level sewage quality monitoring and insufficient investment in domestic towns and villages. The effluent indicator usually only monitors CODcr and ammonia nitrogen. In addition, sewage collection networks in towns and villages are generally poor. Groundwater, mountain springs and rainwater are mixed into the sewage pipe network, resulting in dilution of the influent concentration. However, as domestic environmental protection requirements become more stringent, and the attention and investment in village sewage is increasing, this situation will not be sustainable, and it is imperative to improve the processing technology level.
In order to solve these problems, water treatment equipment has formed a comprehensive sewage treatment solution for urban and rural residents through years of research and development and practice, and has been widely used.
Different types of sewage are collected in the urban pipe network and included in the sewage collection tank. Through the integrated sewage treatment equipment, the effluent from the collection tank reaches the discharge standard, and the effluent of the treatment unit directly reaches the reuse standard.

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