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Dimensions of foundation pits for integrated sewage treatment equipment Date:2019-08-07

In the excavation of foundation pits, it is necessary to first grasp the soil quality and groundwater of the site according to the location of the integrated sewage treatment equipment. If there is groundwater or during the rainy season, it is necessary to use well point precipitation or dip the puddle drainage. In the whole process of embedding backfilling of buried sewage treatment equipment, there shall be no accumulation of water or freezing in the bottom of the foundation pit. The size of the foundation pit to be excavated must meet the construction operation requirements. According to the surrounding conditions of the equipment, there should be sufficient operation space. At the same time, according to the soil quality and the depth of the foundation pit, protective measures should be taken to ensure the construction safety.
After excavation, the undisturbed base soil cannot be disturbed, and the bottom is leveled. The foundation is made of medium coarse sand or fine gravel soil. When installing the equipment, check the external condition on the ground first, the external surface should be smooth and smooth, no drum, no cracks and damage; when the equipment is in place, the temporary support is firm, the water shut-off test is carried out, and the next step of installation and debugging can be carried out without leakage. . Then check to ensure the level, according to the direction of the inlet and outlet pipes, adjust the orientation of the equipment. Connect the corresponding pipes and backfill them in time to prevent displacement. Inlet pipe: Connect the inlet pipe to the water pipe; the outlet pipe: the treated water is discharged from the pipe; the pipe connection is good.
In the water injection test, immediately fill the equipment with water after the pipe is connected, and test whether the pipe connection is leaking. Backfill to ensure that the water in the equipment is not discharged after the pipeline is leak-free. The back of the excavation is backfilled to the floor elevation before excavation. The backfilling part needs to be water-immersed, and the cable-threading pipe is buried during the backfilling process. Start the test, check whether the fan is normal after power-on, open the equipment inspection hole, and observe whether the aeration is even.

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